Waste not, want not…

Throwaway society: Tonnes of food are wasted annually. Picture: Jbloom

Throwaway society:  Fifteen million tons food are wasted annually in Britain. Picture: Jbloom

Britain throws away £15.1 billion worth of food annually, we learned yesterday, while in the same week the issues of world hunger and food justice were examined during World Food Day (October 16, 2013).

In an article that was published in most British newspapers – and discussed on radio and television – supermarket giant Tesco revealed that 68 per cent of its bagged salads, 48 per cent of its bakery goods and 24 per cent of its grapes go to waste.

Fifteen million tons of food are discarded annually in Britain, with households responsible for nearly half  this amount, according to the Waste And Resources Action Programme (Wrap), a recycling quango.

Almost four million tons are thrown away despite being perfectly edible.

As Helen Browning, Chief Executive of the Soil Association said at a Faith in Food conference organised by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation held in London in 2011: ‘We in the West are using far more than our fair share of resources to feed ourselves. We are taking from the plates of others.’

And, according to yesterday’s report, we in Britain alone are wasting so much food that could be sent to food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and animal sanctuaries and put to good use.

Please visit the websites below to see how you can make a difference.

To learn about Love Food Hate Waste, please  click here.

To read more about World Food Day, please click here.

To read the article in the Daily Mail, please click here.

To find out more about Wrap, please click here.

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All aboard – for a free lunch

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A church group in Tennessee is providing a new form of meals on wheels – an old yellow school bus that has been converted into a cafe. The Lunch Box provides food to children who are not able to eat … Continue reading

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Go nuts – for trees!

We can buy goats, chicks, watering cans, fishing nets and beehives as gifts for family and friends who ‘have everything’ – but we mustn’t forget the importance of the not-so-humble tree. Deforestation is responsible for almost 20% of global greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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‘350,000 British people rely on charity – just to eat’

Hand-outs: Thousands of British people are relying on food banks. Picture: Kallu

Hand-outs: Thousands of British people are relying on food banks. Picture: Kallu

The Trussell Trust, a Christian charity that oversees Britain’s 345  food banks, estimates that 1,000 are needed to cope with demand.

In an article in the Evening Standard Richard Godwin writes: ‘ The latest figures show that around 350,000 people rely on charity in order to eat. The number has trebled in a single year… As George Osborne talks of a return to economic “normality”, for thousands of families, traipsing miles across London for a bag of supermarket cast-offs is the new normal.’

To read the article in full, please click here

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A triple-helping of food and faith

Eat your greens: A tempting salad. Picture: Organicsaladfreddie.

Eat your greens: A tempting salad. Picture: Organicsaladfreddie.

Food, Faith and Culture is an excellent CBS news video report examining the role of food within the Islamic, Jewish and Sikh faith traditions.

There are some lovely stories told by interesting characters –  that is, if you can drag your eyes away from all the delicious dishes paraded in front of you to concentrate on what is being said!

You can view the clip on the Religion News Service by clicking here.

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How to spend £3.20 – or £320 – a week on food

Manna from Heaven: Staming plates of chilli con carne are served at the Church of the Nazarene in Colingdale, Philadelphia. Picture: FootosVanRobin

What’s on your plate?: Chilli con carne or a vegetable stew? Picture: FootosVanRobin

Here is a thought-provoking article published on MailOnline about the global food gap – a family of four living in Germany spends £320 a week on food compared with the £3.20 a week bill for a family of 13 in Bhutan.

It makes for fascinating reading and you can compare your grocery shop – and be amazed at what is in other people’s shopping baskets – by reading the article in full by clicking here.

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What jolly good eggs!

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Two major British supermarkets have ‘cracked’ under pressure and are selling religious-themed Easter eggs for the first time this year. Initially the stores rejected the idea of stocking the Fairtrade chocolate eggs, produced by The Meaningful Chocolate Company. So, for … Continue reading

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Rice harvest claim causes a bit of a stir…

A war of words over reports of a bumper harvest has broken out between China and India over India’s claim that 22.4 tonnes of the staple food was produced from one hectare of land. The story was highlighted in The … Continue reading

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Make changes – through chocolate!

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Change through the power of purchasing is the rallying cry during Fairtrade Fortnight, the campaign that urges people help farmers globally by examining their shopping baskets. By making certain choices such as selecting Fairtrade chocolate, wine, bananas, tea and coffee … Continue reading

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Make it a Meaningful Easter…

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The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter. The Meaningful Chocolate Company, which produces the eggs, gives a  donation from profits and Fairtrade Premium fees to farmers. This … Continue reading

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